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What's Happening at the Library?

The Conrad Public Library serves a variety of roles in our community.  Our calendar is a way for the public to become aware of programs that are available as well as to see how the library is being used.

Events in teal are programs that are offered to the public and available to join.  Should space be limited, program descriptions will indicate that registration is required.  We always aim to offer open programs that serve community needs.

Events in red show that a library space is being used in a specific way, often one that may create more noise than usual or prohibit access to a particular space.  These events are shown in our calendar so members of the public can be empowered to plan their schedules accordingly should they need to use the library for a specific purpose.

Events in orange are outreach programs and services that a member of our staff offers outside of the library.  We strive to bring the library into the community where it is needed, so all of our librarians may not always be available at the library building during operating hours.

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